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Building Your WordPress Website For Your Business

The goal of this article is to show why professionals need to handle business websites. I will attempt to refute any thought processes that leads someone to believe websites are a commodity-based business. I see people buying websites on price now, and it is like buying a doctor or lawyer on price. In the end, don’t you want your WordPress website done right?

Do You Want Your WordPress Website Done Right?

All websites services are not created equal. Freelancers are freelancers that may or not be set up as a sustainable business with maintenance agreements and skills to serve the ongoing digital needs of a business. Websites are like cars. They need upgrades and maintenance to run correctly. Agencies are typically more expensive but there are certainly good reasons why an agency has to charge more. Read on to understand why WordPress Websites Need To Be Done Right!

Support For Your WordPress Website

Customer support is critical. Can you get someone on the phone when you need help? What if your site gets hacked or isn’t updated and it breaks? What if you are working on your site and you delete a page by mistake? Who and how are you going to get help? Fortunately WordPress has a large community of developers and companies built around helping people and businesses with WordPress websites. Google “WordPress + Website + Your City” to find someone local.

Business Websites Require Expertise

Is your website responsive and mobile-friendly? The latest stats show that mobile (51%) beats desktop (42%).  How about speed? If your website is not fast it will not rank well.  Click here for another article about SEO ranking factors in 2016. Website design and development is a skilled specialty requiring significant expertise. Here’s why:

  1. Domain Registration: Typically websites start with procuring a domain from a domain registrar. But who procured the domain and where is the account #, username and password stored?  Who is in charge of making sure it gets renewed? Make sure the domain information is properly stored so that gaining access to it is not a problem and that it gets renewed.
  2. Hosting: Where in the cloud where your website live? Hosting companies are not all equal and can vary widely in packages and pricing. Do you need shared hosting, dedicated hosting or virtual? Here is a good hosting article. Here is another article about web hosting solutions here. My best advice here is to understand the size of your site and what you really need. Do not go with a company like Digital Ocean, Rackspace or Amazon unless you have a developers that understand how to set up your own servers. If you are running a WordPress site, run it on Linux servers vs. Windows servers.
  3. Choosing a Platform to Build your Website on: In 2016, the answer is WordPress and here’s why – it already runs 25% of the web + you can find people to work on your website! WordPress is open source, has a CMS (content management system) and has a large, international community of developers. You are not locked into one person or one agency if something unforeseen happens. Proprietary, custom websites are a bad business practice unless you have the resources to employ people that can work on it. Businesses close, people retire, developers move on or move away, so choose a platform that can give you business continuity.
  4. Keeping your Website secure: Internet security is important and difficult today. Even big companies such as Target and banks with tons of resources are having trouble keeping their websites and online resources secure. Reputable website companies will keep your website software updated and install security packages to keep your site secure.
  5. Providing a great user experience: Professionals that work on your website will create a great user experience in regards to how your website visitors flow through your website. They will make sure you have a design that gives your business credibility on an incredibly crowded internet.

There are many other factors that go in to Website design, creation and ultimately success. Do you need inbound lead generation? If so, how are you going to get the right visitors to your site? Do you need SEO or Google AdWords? What about relevance, authorship and influence? Are you tying in you social media? Are you doing e-commerce? If yes, what about your payment gateway?

Please use search and call a company or agency that is right-sized to help you with your business – it will save you a thousand headaches!


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