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WordCamp Cincinnati – Why I Am Doing It

My love for WordPress

A website platform for everyone

I love WordPress – I really do. It is an amazing platform that has opened up the web for so many. Whether you prefer or, WordPress opened the door for many to get on the web and get their voices heard that don’t have the technical skills.

Developer skills not necessary

I am not a programmer or a developer. I am a marketer. A marketer who needs digital media to be successful both professionally and personally. I can, with WordPress, launch a website easily, using my favorite hosting provider, WP Engine. And from that I can help any company, business or organization build credibility with a great website.

WP Engine is a hosting platform that works well for the less technically inclined, as it has what is called “managed hosting”. They make it easy to launch a site, and cater to the the WordPress platform. They have some information here on how to easily and successfully launch a WordPress website.

I need WordPress

As a marketer who started in the print world in 1997, I realized in 2008 that I had better learn some internet and digital skills to try and keep up with the pace of marketing and the world. I first learned a proprietary CMS created by the vendor of the company I was working for in 2006. The proprietary system was clunky and cumbersome. I also soon learned later that this particular website agency (who will remain unnamed) was using their proprietary CMS system to backhandedly force their clients to stay with them. Not cool and not my style!

WordPress is open source. It is not proprietary. You can find developers and agencies who work with the WordPress Platform all over the country and in a lot of places around the world. 

Value of WordCamps

Then, in 2012, I went to my first WordCamp. It was the Columbus WordCamp in Ohio. And although intimidating, I went to a bunch of speaker sessions, learned some new things and went home exhausted.

While at the Columbus WordCamp, I met an amazing and dedicated woman named Angie Meeker, who worked her butt off to pull off the Columbus WordCamp with her team of volunteers. I went back the next year and met some more great folks. I started asking people, why doesn’t Cincinnati have a WordCamp? I didn’t even think there was a meet-up in Cincinnati, and, after checking, there wasn’t at the time. There is now!

I continued to go to WordCamps and attend Dayton’s two years in a row (there are some great people there like Brian Retterer, Chris Celek, and Jeff Long). I also traveled to WordCamp Miami 2 years in a row which is a fabulous WordCamp, and have gone to WordCamp St. Louis. I also did WordCamp US in Philadelphia last year, which ROCKED!

This year I am trying to do Columbus, Nashville, and WordCamp US in Philadelphia.

At every WordCamp, I meet amazing people and learn amazing things. All for an incredibly low price.

Putting Cincinnati on the Map

One of the people I met in Columbus was Andrew Duthie. We met for coffee after we got back from Cincinnati and decided to start the meet-ups. We found a generous businessman, Robert Wolfe, who is donating his business space for us to hold our meet-ups in every month.

Now it is time for us, and particularly me, to give back to the WordPress Community in Cincinnati. Being one of the lead organizers is not easy. You have to deal with a ton of details as well as volunteers who are great as well as the ones who say they will help and then never show up.

We were fortunate that Steve Depoe of UC, and the University of Cincinnati, McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, has graciously stepped up and is sponsoring WordCamp Cincinnati.

The Benefits

So even with all of the hard work, that is all volunteer-based, I am energized. I see the people who are willing to step up outside of their comfort zone. The ones who stick with it and give what they can.

I get to see a community pulling together as the speaker applications start to come in. I see some Cincinnati based businesses, some tiny, willing to sponsor so we can cover the cost of the food and a few of the other expenses like the famous T-Shirts!

Keynote Speakers

I also see our schedule starting to take place, with Sujan Patel already confirmed as one of our keynote speakers!

Another major keynote speaker confirmed yesterday, and he is dynamic and will lead a great session!!

I invite you to Come to WordCamp Cincinnati.   You will meet some great people and learn some new things!


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