We design & develop WordPress Websites!

Murder Ink Agency’s mission is to provide you with a great digital platform which includes both your website & marketing automation.


We set up WordPress Websites, maintain them and keep them secure. Murder Ink Agency offers WordPress’ content management system if you want to manage your website. Or else we can do the WordPress website management for you. It is all about how you choose to spend your time!

We remove the mystery of what marketing automation is and how it helps your business grow. We will provide you with a working marketing automation platform that will amaze you and your boss.  If you are the boss, we will make you look like a genius. Your customers and prospective customers will love you for your ability to nurture leads and stay in touch! Our choice of marketing automation platforms include either Leadsquared or Drip.

Our Principles

Murder Ink Agency is founded on some basic principles we think every business should follow.
It’s how we operate and we refuse to do business any other way!

  1. We genuinely care about you and your business. Our relationship with you is more important than anything else. If we don’t think we can help you solve your marketing problems, we will not take you and your business on as a client.
  2. You have to like us and we have to like you. If we don’t enjoy each other and enjoy working together then it’s not a fit and that’s OK. It’s a fact that people do business with people they like.
  3. We build win-win partnerships with our clients. We become friends with our clients and take care of you. We don’t need a zillion clients. We need clients who love us and what we do for them.

We Solve Website Problems. We Build Them AND We Make Them Work For You.

(Unfortunately, this is often called Services. We don’t serve our friends – we help them!)

  1. Website design and development with WordPress
  2. Digital platforms
  3. Marketing automation (tools + setup)
  4. Inbound lead generation
  5. SEO & Google AdWords
  6. Content marketing
  7. Social media marketing
  8. App building & custom programming
  9. Digital strategy plans and processes
  10. Strategic messaging & branding
  11. Sales collateral support