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Website Design Principles

Website Design: Success Elements

When designing a new website, what is important? The question is hard to answer with a quick answer, because there are several elements that are critical to achieve any success at all with a business website.

I like to go back a step and start with, “what does the word website mean to you?” when I work with my clients and potential clients.  Inevitably I will get a lot of different answers when I ask people. For example, many people think that just because you have a website built and launch it, they will immediately get traffic and new customers. Attracting and converting website visitors to clients is hard work and involves a mix of things like SEO, well-designed landing pages, great products or services that have value, quality content and a great user experience.

Some people think a website means any and all functionality they have seen on a website anywhere at any time. For example, an e-commerce site so you can sell product, collect money, etc. Another example is animations that do all sorts of cool things and are visually interesting. These things can be done, but they add complexity and cost.

Website Design Principles

What is important when designing a website? Here are some focus areas that will help make sure your website is well-designed and is a great digital platform for your business.

  1. Your website needs to have nearly instant visual recognition. When a web visitor lands on your website, they should be able to establish quickly what kind of business you are and what you offer.
  2. Every page has to have a reason to exist and have it’s own content. Stay away from adding pages just to make your site look more substantial. Duplicate or similar content is considered thin content and Google doesn’t like it.
  3. Website design principles include implementing strong calls-to-action. Tell your visitors what you need them to do and why they need to do it as clearly as you can. Use easily recognizable buttons or white space so visitors can pick out intent and know what to do.
  4. Tell your visitors why they should call you or fill out your form. Why are you better and why should they decide to initiate contact with you? What differentiates you from everyone else in your market?
  5. Make your navigation and user experience simple and easy. Don’t make your visitors work to find what they need!

Below are some examples of great websites that follow strong website design principles. Check them out and let me know what you think!


A Sales Guy Consulting:

Convince and Convert:





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