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Website Design Platforms: 10 Reasons to Use WordPress

Use WordPress For Your Website Design Platform

WordPress offers a wide range of options for website design. From custom-coded sites to premium themes to free themes readily available, WordPress can be used to create virtually any design. WordPress is also the rage within the online development community. After all, it powers 26% of the entire internet. Take a minute and think about just how much that is. There are millions of websites throughout the world and many different platforms being used to build websites. But what makes WordPress so special? Don’t all those platforms do the same things?

In short, there’s nothing like WordPress. It’s in a league of its own. Here’s why:

Reason One: The WordPress community. There is a large community of developers ready to work on your site. Big agencies, small firms, and freelancers are all easy to find that work with the WordPress platform. WordPress itself has staff (called Automatticians) and a huge volunteer base of brilliant developers working on the core software.

The Core Team actually makes WordPress; they write code, fix bugs, and contribute to the development of the platform as a whole. That’s what they do!

The Design Team designs and develops the user interface. More specifically, that means they created it to look nice and free of clutter. They have provided a simple interface that makes your life a lot easier. “It’s the power of Microsoft Word with the intuitiveness of an iPhone,” says the Team.

The Mobile Team designs WordPress apps for iOS and Android so you can keep tabs on your website or blog, even on the go. They work hard behind the scenes so you can have a smooth experience on every device. How thoughtful!

The Accessibility Team has the expertise to make sure you’re able to access all that WordPress has to offer. It’s like an extra layer of quality assurance so you don’t have to worry about it.

The Polyglots Team speaks your language! They are there to create and manage the tools that translate WordPress into your language. If you see them, say “Thank you,” “Gracias,” or “Danke.” They’ll know what it means.

We can’t do what we do without the Support Team. When we have questions or need to discuss any issues, we can count on them. As they say, “Everyone knows the answer to something!”

The Themes Team makes a huge difference. Have you ever thought about how time-consuming and stressful it would be if we had to make our own themes? They review and decide whether to approve every Theme in the WordPress repository, giving you the best options for your site. There approval process includes verifying good code practices, so you get themes without bad or malicious code. It’s because of them we all look so good!

Stuck in a ditch in your site development? The Documentation Team has the information you need to get not only get out of that ditch, but run even better than before.

The Plugins Team takes your site from great to awesome! Because of them, we have over 43,000 plugins available to us to speed up our sites, protect from hackers, and create an awesome experience for our visitors.

The Training Team creates fun lessons and materials so we can all learn more about how to use WordPress to our advantage. Plus, once you learn more and want to help others learn, this Team gives you the opportunity to teach!

Because WordPress is awesome and releases videos about different topics within the Platform, there’s a TV Team. They review and approve submitted videos and work on them in post production. Also, they add captions and subtitles so anyone can enjoy them!

The Flow Team should wear capes because they are superheroes! The Team ensures that WordPress provides a seamless experience throughout its entirety. “Through continuous dog fooding and visual records, we understand not only what is wrong, but also what is right.” If only we all had a flow team for our personal lives!

Reason Two: Themes & plugins. There are thousands of amazing tools that make all the difference in your website. These tools are themes and plugins. Themes are quite simple, actually. They are the templates which your content is organized against. They make your website look professional and state-of-the-art. Many themes are so versatile that the same theme can look different on two sites. So if someone else uses the same theme as you, no need to worry. You can tailor it to what you need, adding any of the thousands of plugins and creating a fresh user experience with the same theme.

Reason Three: Regular core software updates. Remember that Core Team I mentioned earlier? They not only develop everything in the background, but they regularly update the WordPress software. In these updates, they ensure your site is equipped with the latest and necessary technologies. Not only that, but since we live in a world where cybercrime is a very real thing, WordPress’ software is constantly updated with security features that help prevent victimizing people like you and me.

Reason Four: WordCamps. WordPress has the best education system around. Not only do we have everything the Training Team provides, but WordPress communities all over the the world host WordCamps. What is a WordCamp? Well, if you combine fun, education, possibilities, and community, you get WordCamp. It is a conference that is meant to be a low-key gathering of WordPress users of all skill levels. For $40 or less, you can learn about many of the aspects of this awesome Platform.

While they focus mostly on WordPress, many WordCamps include sessions on blogging, business, and social media in relation. Go to to find the next WordCamp. Thank me later!

Reason Five: Community-based Meet-ups. WordPress has the best community ever! If you go to and search for a WordPress Meet-up near you, you’ll see what I mean. Meet-ups give you the access to find other WordPressers, bloggers, developers, and designers. You get to make new friends with the understanding that you have something in common. You can’t get much better than that!

Reason Six: You can find developers. As I mentioned earlier, WordPress runs almost 26% of the internet. There are millions of websites all over the world. You already know about the support teams behind this massive project, but because WordPress is an open source project, it is not proprietary. Anyone can contribute to WordPress and it is for everyone to enjoy. All of that expertise and quality management under one roof power the Platform trusted by millions of bloggers, businesses, and users of all kinds. There are freelancers and developers all over the world that can help you with your website.

Reason Seven: Multilingual capability built-in. WordPress is available in multi-lingual and multi-site configurations. Do you have multiple sites? Do your sites target people who speak different languages? That Polyglots Team is always there for you. There are thousands of languages spoken throughout the world. It takes more than one site in one language to reach everyone you need to reach. WordPress knows that. You’re taken care of.

Reason Eight: Hosting options. Use for a quick, easy way to get started with hosting included. It couldn’t be easier and works beautifully. It powers websites for companies like CNN, PlayStation, The Walt Disney Company, and the Jane Goodall Institute. You can check it out here.

If you want to self-host, use Sign up with a hosting community and download the files at is the brains of the operation. Most hosting providers now provide installation of WordPress. You can also find documentation and support for the code here. is also where to go to use the theme and plugin repositories to access approved plugins and themes.

Reason Nine: Includes a Content Management System. WordPress has a great content management system built-in. It’s not so much the platform itself that makes this system so stellar, but what the community has created in order to manage content. Some of those plugins I talked about are designed specifically to manage content. One of the most popular plugins is My Content Management. It allows you to customize your site’s fields and create custom post types. There are too many to count, but the best ones will also improve your site’s SEO and give you the traffic you’ve always dreamed of if you put in the hard work.

Reason Ten: The wide range of functionality WordPress offers. You’re smart. That’s why you’re on my site. So I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that WordPress can meet a wide range of functionality requirements. One site does not fit all and WordPress knows that, so it puts a ton of amazing tools and options at our fingertips.

It used to be that only big companies had the tools to make cutting edge websites with sleek designs and super functionality, but that is true no more. It is because of the open source nature of WordPress that you and I can create amazing websites and see our online dreams come true. Whether you need a multi-national network of websites, a highly-functional retail site, or a simple blog, know that WordPress and its community are there to create and support anything you ever need.

WordPress is the best choice to build your digital platform!

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