Marketing Automation Software In Cincinnati:  Grow Your Business With Us

Need to learn how to use Marketing Automation for your business?


Murder Ink Agency has partnered with Leadsquared for your CRM and Marketing Automation needs. We are pleased to be an agency partner and now sell, implement and train our customers on how to use Leadsquared. Murder Ink Agency is in the Cincinnati, OH region and is offering marketing automation in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas so we can offer best-in-class support and training.

Here is a great resource to learn more about what marketing automation is and how it can help you with your business.

Designed to help you become more efficient and effective with your leads, campaigns and sales efforts, you can use marketing automation to turn your website into the hub of all of your marketing efforts. Try the 30 day free demo.

You will increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns with Leadsquared. CRM is included for a complete platform to handle all of your needs. No integrations or multiple log-ins are necessary for Leadsquared. As a Leadsquared partner serving the Cincinnati and Dayton region, we can offer the software solution as well as amazing set-up and training support.

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Leadsquared is a highly-rated premier marketing automation platform designed for companies of all sizes. The platform includes:

  • Lead capture automation
  • Responsive landing pages that are mobile friendly
  • Website widgets to easily add to your website
  • Seamless lead capture
  • Drip marketing to nurture your leads with a pre-written series of emails
  • Segmentation based on lead scoring, geography or any useful attribute
  • Sales acceleration by gaining behavioral insights
  • Concise marketing and sales analytics
  • And more more!

See a product overview video of Leadsquared here.

Click here for your 30 day free trial of Leadsquared.

Have you decided to invest in a great platform to help you nurture your leads through the sales funnel and get the most out of your marketing efforts? If so, we can help you get started with our solution and give you the support you need to use your marketing automation tool effectively.

Please call or email us with any questions your have about how to get setup with Leadsquared and how to use marketing automation to grow your business. We have great ideas to help you get going with this marketing tool and grow your business!