Head in the clouds

Accountability In The Workplace

How Often Do We Walk Around With Our Head In The Clouds?

Blissfully unaware of how much we impact the world around us. Our kids, our friends, our spouses, our colleagues, bosses, employees and employers.

There are so many people we have an effect on every single day.

We bring our entire selves wherever we go, our stress and anger, our positive attitude or our negative one, our biases and preconceived notions of right and wrong. Our domineering personalities or our submissive ones, our contributions or lack there of.

Do you think about your effect on the people around you? Have you tried to become emotionally aware of who you are and how you react to incoming triggers? Have you read the classic book Emotional Intelligence 2.0?

Are You Accountable?

What kind of person are you? Do you do what you say you will do — and if you can’t do you explain why?

Accountability is often lacking in the workplace and it starts at the top. Executives expect accountability, but they are often not accountable. The deflection technique is still a mainstay, pointing fingers at every department but your own, always creating a moving target.

Every company needs professional development programs, leadership programs, executive coaching and 360 evaluations.

I ask all of these questions reflectively.

Understanding oneself is a difficult journey, one that I have been working on for several years. I am digging deep — trying to be a better spouse, a better parental figure, a better colleague, a better daughter, a better Aunt, a better leader.

So I try to be present, in the moment. I try to not react, think about what I say and do. I try to set boundaries and keep them. This is a hard one, most people absolutely detest boundaries. It’s scary and it hurts and people lash out and get nasty sometimes when a boundary or process is put in place that doesn’t suit them.

Ultimately, I don’t want to have any regrets and always be able to say I am doing the absolute best that I can.  I don’t want to live in fear. As Elizabeth Gilbert said, I want to Eat, Pray and Love.

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Is Your Website Fast?

Make sure your website is fast

Website site speed is now crucial. And not even because Google has come out and said it is important or that it is part of the infamous Google Ranking Algorithms. It needs to be fast so you can keep your website visitors from leaving before the site even loads on their screen.

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professional website design

Top 5 Reasons To Have A Professional Website

The Value of a Professional Website


Let me ask you – if you were having problems with your teeth and one of them was causing serious pain and agony, would you self-diagnose what was wrong, get a drill, and put in your own filling or crown?

If you broke your leg, would you put on your own cast and hope it healed correctly? Would you decide to represent yourself facing a serious lawsuit in a court of law? If you said yes to any of these proposed scenarios, then this article is probably not for you!

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Website Design Platforms: 10 Reasons to Use WordPress

Use WordPress For Your Website Design Platform

WordPress offers a wide range of options for website design. From custom-coded sites to premium themes to free themes readily available, WordPress can be used to create virtually any design. WordPress is also the rage within the online development community. After all, it powers 26% of the entire internet. Take a minute and think about just how much that is. There are millions of websites throughout the world and many different platforms being used to build websites. But what makes WordPress so special? Don’t all those platforms do the same things?

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Website Design Principles

Website Design: Success Elements

When designing a new website, what is important? The question is hard to answer with a quick answer, because there are several elements that are critical to achieve any success at all with a business website.

I like to go back a step and start with, “what does the word website mean to you?” when I work with my clients and potential clients.  Inevitably I will get a lot of different answers when I ask people. For example, many people think that just because you have a website built and launch it, they will immediately get traffic and new customers. Attracting and converting website visitors to clients is hard work and involves a mix of things like SEO, well-designed landing pages, great products or services that have value, quality content and a great user experience.

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WordPress Websites Done Right

Building Your WordPress Website For Your Business

The goal of this article is to show why professionals need to handle business websites. I will attempt to refute any thought processes that leads someone to believe websites are a commodity-based business. I see people buying websites on price now, and it is like buying a doctor or lawyer on price. In the end, don’t you want your WordPress website done right?

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Marketing Automation is like magic

Marketing Automation Platforms For Business

Marketing Automation Platforms 

The number of marketing automation platforms have exploded in the last several years and it is easy to see why. As a marketer, there are never enough marketing resources to manage the company’s customers, prospective customers and the pipeline. We are also on a journey to do more with less and increase efficiencies. Those of you looking into a system might be wondering where to start. My best advice is to do your homework and pick one this is the right size and suitable for your business needs. Questions? Give me a call and I will be happy to help.

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