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Website Design Principles

Website Design: Success Elements

When designing a new website, what is important? The question is hard to answer with a quick answer, because there are several elements that are critical to achieve any success at all with a business website.

I like to go back a step and start with, “what does the word website mean to you?” when I work with my clients and potential clients. ¬†Inevitably I will get a lot of different answers when I ask people. For example, many people think that just because you have a website built and launch it, they will immediately get traffic and new customers. Attracting and converting website visitors to clients is hard work and involves a mix of things like SEO, well-designed landing pages, great products or services that have value, quality content and a great user experience.

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WordPress Websites Done Right

Building Your WordPress Website For Your Business

The goal of this article is to show why professionals need to handle business websites. I will attempt to¬†refute any thought processes that leads someone to believe websites are a commodity-based business. I see people buying websites on price now, and it is like buying a doctor or lawyer on price. In the end, don’t you want your WordPress website done right?

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