Growing Your Business – Business Growth Tips That Work

How do you grow your business in today’s environment? There are articles and blog posts everywhere offering you 10,000 ways to accomplish business growth. What advice do you follow and why?

I spend about an hour a day on feedly – reading through the new stuff. I usually find at least one amazing thing every day that I didn’t even know existed. I continuously refine my feedly content – making sure that the content I am being delivered is from the authors I want to follow.

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advanced photography techniques

Creating Good Photos

The subject of photography and getting high quality photos is a common discussion for marketing people. Almost all of us need product photos. Or application photos of our products in use. Most of us, however, can NOT do product photography to the high standard Apple can do. (I wonder how much they pay their photographers?)

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finding your way

Who are you?

Do you know who you are as a business? Have you gone through the work of understanding your product or service and how to position it in the market? This article from Kissmetrics explains the concepts well. The four points Kissmetrics makes are:

  1. Target a specific group of people
  2. Do one or two things very well
  3. Tell a unique story
  4. Be more user friendly

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